Darts Betting Tips and Strategy

Darts isn’t just a pub game played down at your local. It is one of the fastest-paced sporting events in the world today with major tournaments taking place throughout the year. Darts prize money available to players has never been higher at the top level of the sport. Players such as Phil Taylor, Eric Bristow, and Michael van Gerwen are rock stars in the world of darts and thousands flock to tournaments to watch them. Even more darts punters head online to bet on their favourite darts players during major events. The game continues to grow each year and it is likely to continue to increase in popularity.

Best darts betting sites offer competitive odds for all the biggest tournaments in the sport. Darts has two organisations that oversee tournaments. The British Darts Organisation (BDO) and Professional Darts Council (PDC) are the two leading darts leagues. When you tune into watch darts tournaments on television networks such as Sky Sports, you will typically be watching one of these leagues’ competition. 

Since darts doesn’t have the popularity of sports such as football, cricket, or basketball, it can be difficult to find tournaments to view on television. When choosing a sportsbook, it is wise to select one that offers . After funding your betting account, you will be able to watch free live darts streams while wagering on the event. You can also get great odds on in-play darts betting. Many of the PDC’s top events are streamed on major online sportsbooks. 

Leading sportsbooks offer sign-up bonuses to new customers when they sign-up to bet on darts. Bookies also offer incentives when the PDC’s biggest tournament take place. You can get some extra cash to bet on your favourite darts player to improve the profits you can win.

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how many sets in darts lingo dart terminologyDarts Betting Rules

Most popular sports are simple to play and understand. Darts is no different and new bettors can get their heads around the sport very quickly. Players alternate turns and throw three darts each at the board. The dartboard is divided into different score values from one to 60. The inner portion of the board is worth a treble and the outer portions of the board are double the points value. If the player’s dart lands in these areas, they will receive treble or double the points. A bullseye scores the player 50 points while the outer green ring is worth 25.

Darts tournaments differ with some matches taking place throughout several sets and/or games. A game is known as a leg in darts lingo and are usually a best-of-five-series. A player to reach three victories wins the set. As tournaments progress, the number of sets and/or games do too. 

Punters have a variety of markets to wager on when betting on darts. Popular markets include betting on the outright winner, match winner, correct score, over/under, and most 180s. You may find other markets depending on the sportsbook. Some bookies will give you the chance to bet on unique markets, especially during major tournaments. 

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world championship best darts betting sites strategyDarts World Championship

In the early 1990s, the BDO’s top players grew worried that the organisation didn’t have darts players’ needs in mind. In 1992, 16 of the top darts players in the world formed the PDC (originally known as World Darts Council). Since the league’s launch, it has become the leading darts organisation in the world. Its reputation continues to grow with more and more people watching and wagering on the PDC’s tournaments. 

Due to the PDC possessing the top darts players, its World Championship is seen as the biggest darts tournament in the world. The BDO still has top competitions that carry a lot of prestige, but most eyes are on the PDC. 

The PDC World Championship is the biggest event on the league’s circuit with the top players coming together. The tournament takes place in December and January each year. Fans can watch the tournament live on television and make live darts betting when watching the competition. 

Although the PDC World Championship Darts Betting is the biggest event of the year, it isn’t the only must-see darts competition. There are more than 50 darts tournaments annually. Other major events include The Masters, Premier League Darts, UK Open Finals, World Grand Prix, and more.

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free live darts streams eric bristowDarts Betting Tips

Darts has its own lingo which may sound foreign when you begin betting on the game. It is a good idea to learn some of the sport’s lingo to help you understand it better. Some of the important darts terminology words and phrases to know in darts terms are: 

what is a double in darts

501 – Starting score of games. Players need to score down from 501 to win the game. Players must darts checkout on a double or the bullseye to win.

Check out – The score a player must hit to finish the game.

Oche – The stand where players throw from.

Ton – this in dart terminology means a score of 100.

Ton 80 – A score of 180. It is the maximum score of the game.

Nine darter – A player that checks out from 501 with just nine darts. It is a perfect leg in darts.

Once you learn the lingo, there is some basic darts betting strategy to stick to. Anyone new to darts betting should wager on the top 16 professionals in tournaments. Although you won’t win a lot of profit, it is more likely these players will win due to the quality difference in players. 

Darts is a head to head game in which psychology plays a part. The top matches featuring the best players in the world can offer lucrative markets for betting. If you fancy a punt on a lesser-known darts player, sportsbooks do offer profitable odds on these individuals. Why? Lesser known players may not have a lot of tournaments under their belts offering little for bookies to go on. 

Although darts has been called a simple pastime for sports bettors, the game has grown into a favourite for gamblers young and old. Once considered darts pub game played by individuals drinking and having a good time, it has transformed into a multi-million pound a year sport.

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